The Smart Autonomous BeerSegway Serving the Planet, Nov. 29

Date: 29.11.2011
Time 0:00 -
City www, Netherlands
Event Type Media event;Other
Organisation/s name LEO-Center for Service Robotics
Event's address/ location The Netherlands and The World Wide Web
Description: LEO-Center for Service Robotics promotes collaboration between private hold company's, Twente University and Saxion by networking, match-making, an Innovation Platform and Market- and Technology Development. Together with the students group "MakerSpace" of University Twente, who in their spare time are working in the lab on the various robot ideas, they will show by viral move: "The Smart Autonomous BeerSegway Serving the Planet".
The viral move will be lauched together with the wellknown beerbrewery Grolsch by using their social media network. The content will be:
- Fun and have great appeal for young people
- Innovative, certainly entertaining
- Show the Skills of MakerSpace in Robotics
Result should be: controversial, spreading further. The Viral marketing idea.
Target Audience All ages
Contact Matthijs Roorda

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