Robot Band, Dec. 03

Date: 03.12.2011
Time 09:00 - 18:00
City Genova, Italy
Event Type Exhibition
Organisation/s name Gaslini Band Band
Event's address/ location La Tana dell'Orso
via di Redipuglia 125 r
Description: Exhibit of drawings and other artistic handiworks produced by the pupils of the School in Hospital "G. Gaslini", Genova. These works are all inspired by robots and done in the frane of the ducational robotics activities. The Gaslini Band Band, the School of Robotics and the School in Hospital ""Gaslini"" share the common goal of the edutainment of the young patients employing robotics kit. These small robot can be used both for amusing the hospitalized kids, and for educational purposes as well.
“The Band of the robots” is the project that unifies the care and welcome of the kids, the need for entertaining them while in hospital for therapies and the educational continuity needs.
Contact Emanuele Micheli per Gaslini band band, and the School of Robotics; Loretta Nappi for the School in Hiospital "G. Gaslini", Genova

Telefoni 3292289986 Lofretta Nappi: laryssa Nappi”

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