Robo Dance Camp Hamburg, No. 2

Date: 04.12.2011
Time 09:00 - 14:00
City Hamburg, Germany
Event Type Educational reach-out
Organisation/s name PHOENIX CONTACT GmbH & Co. KG
Event's address/ location Jugendbildungsstätte YES!
Ahrenshooper Str. 5, 22147 Hamburg
Description: Robo Dance Camp Hamburg is designed to introduce young people to the fascinating world of robotics. The two-day workshop is open to teams of four to six students, boys and girls, aged 12 to 15, from the Hamburg region. They do not need to have prior experience in the field of robotics. The participants learn how to program Lego Mindstorm NXT robots and a control system to operate the stagecraft. Together with a choreographer, the teams will stage a performance including robots and students dancing as well as lighting effects to the sound of "Pirates of the Caribbean". The workshop is a good hands-on introduction and preparation to take part in competitions like RoboCup Junior. Teachers / tutors of interested teams may register by e-mail at
Target Audience High school students
Contact Katrin Wiesinger,
+49 5235 3-48299

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