Presentation of EUROA Training course in robotics, Nov. 29

Date: 29.11.2011
Time 09:00 - 18:00
City Italy
Event Type Educational reach-out
Organisation/s name Euroa srl
Event's address/ location Via Po 77
20032 Corman, MILANO
Description: EUROA holds theoretical and practical full immersion courses aimed at those who wish to learn about the profession of the future, bringing themselves up to date professionally, investing their time in the study of new automation technologies and increasing their knowledge with regards to the design and prototyping of robotic systems.
The courses supply a general panorama on all aspects of robotics; those taking part will learn the basics to become an informatics programmer, finding out how to weld an electronic circuit that they have designed and created, and will also be able to create the mechanical structure of a robot. At the end of the course, participants will have all the knowledge needed t create and programme a basic robot, following their initial idea.
More details and programmes of the courses can be found at:
Target Audience High School students
Contact Sig.ra Barbara Maresca (Segreteria Organizzativa)
Telefoni: 02-66306811

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