Open Robotics Lab, Dec. 02

Date: 02.12.2011
Time 09:00 - 13:00
City Caserta, Italy
Event Type Open house;Lab tour
Organisation/s name ITIS Giordani, Technical School
Event's address/ location ITI-LS “F.Giordani” via Laviano 81100 Caserta
Description: Open robotics lab's primary objective is to provide the necessary knowledge for the use of robotic manipulators in the context of industrial automation.
The programming and use of real industrial robots enables students to learn curriculum subjects common to all addresses and to acquire skills useful both in the workplace and in academia.
In the business world the international and national robotics is solid with great prospects for the future and will allow students to be more competitive in the labor market.
Target Audience All ages / general public
Contact prof. Sebastiano Marco Giorgio, prof. Pierino Trofa, prof Giovanni Spalice; prof.essa Olimpia Gallicola - ---Ufficio Dirigente 0823278101 3490720624 - 3493459341

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