New generation prosthetic hands: the poly-articultated hand and its relative training

Date: 28.11.2011
Time -
City Vigoroso di Budrio (Bologna), Italy
Event Type Media event
Organisation/s name INAIL (National Workers Compensation Authority), Prostesis Institute, Budrio (Centro Inail Protesi)
Event's address/ location Centro Protesi INAIL, Via Rabuina 14, 40054
Vigorso di Budrio (BO), Italia
Description: The human hand has 21 degree of freedom (DOF) therefore, for a subject, its loss probably is the most traumatic type of amputation. The research is working from a long time on new robotic systems, with augmented number of DOF, with the aim to overcoming the traditional tridigital myoelectric hand (with just one DOF) and decrease, in this way, the gap with the human hand. To face this challenge there are many technological issues: extreme miniaturization of mechanisms and electronics, high power, small weight and human-like designs and cosmetic covers. The first poly-articulated hands are now available on the market and this is just the initial result of the research activities whose final goal is a much more functional, dexterous and human-like prosthetic hand.
Target Audience All ages
Contact Dr.ssa Simona Amadesi
Ing. Emanuele Gruppioni, Direzione Ricerca ( Technical information)


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