Micro Aerial Vehicles: Research, Prototyping and Teleoperation

Date: 29.11.2011
Time 09:30 - 11:30
City Italy
Event Type Lab tour;Exhibition;Workshop / public talk / discussion
Organisation/s name AIRobots
Event's address/ location Contact the coordinator.
Description: The Universities of Bologna, Twente, Napoli, Salerno and ETH Zurich present their experience in the field of Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) in the context of the European research project AIRobots ( The project aims to develop prototypes of flying vehicles, such as ducted-fan and coaxial rotor aircraft, able to operate autonomously by means of cameras or to be remotely piloted through haptic interfaces. The peculiarity of these aircraft is the presence of a robotic arm that allows inspection of the surrounding environment by contact. During the European Robotics Week, the research teams organize lab tour on this complex and fascinating world. Furthermore teleoperation demonstrations will be conducted across the different labs, with the aerial prototypes located in Bologna and Zurich that will be piloted by persons in Twente and Napoli through an internet connection!
Target Audience University students
High school students
All ages
Contact Prof. Lorenzo Marconi,

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