La robotica a scuola, Nov. 28

Date: 28.11.2011
Time -
City Roma, Italy
Event Type Educational reach-out
Organisation/s name Scuola Primaria Marco Polo
Event's address/ location Largo Cocconi-15
00172 Roma
Description: "Primay Public School “Marco Polo” 81° Circolo Rome Italy, foster robotics activities during Robotic Week, by making school working connecting to the robotics project “Progetto Pilota - Robotica a Scuola”, challenging classes engaged in project and others classes too. Classes can choose several activities: watching movies, doing games in gymroom, reading stories, discussing matters about Three Robotics Law ( reserching information about Asimov), making robots stories that they had made ( WeDo Lego or robots projected using common materials). Every child will be free to study and discuss with others about the relationship between Robots and Umans and Enviroment. Advanced class tutoring the others during common lessons. Last in the week will be a contest among parents and children challenged in match to build robot WeDo.
Target Audience All ages
Contact Coordinatrice del Progetto
Matiantonietta Valzano

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