A robot for playing; a robot for learning, Dec. 02

Date: 02.12.2011
Time -
City Genova Cogoleto, Italy
Event Type Lab tour
Organisation/s name Associazione Ludico Culturale Il Corvo Nero (The Black Raven Association)
Event's address/ location Genova Cogoleto, Municipality
Description: Our association will offer workshops for local schools in collaboration with the Scuola di Robotica and the Municipality of Cogoleto.
The workshops/open lab are divided by age groups but all people are welcome!
For elementary school pupils: Logo The Turtle. Using a simple robot and the basic programming language Logo, we propose the basics of robotics and 'computer science.
For high school students: build a robot. With the help of Lego Mindstorm kits, we will try to build a simple robot to move.
For children in kindergarten and Families, We will study ad-hoc experiments to see how we will be able to develop whit Mindstorm (example: we solve the Rubik's Cube).
It 'is also our intention to launch a competition to classes, to build a robot explorer built with Mindstorms kit) after a course conducted in collaboration with the school of robotics.
Target Audience All ages
Contact Cristina De Ambrosi

Telefoni: 3922507369

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